LupinePet is an American company based in Conway, New Hampshire, USA. They where founded in 1991 by several friends who, after their video store business started to take a turn for the worst, were looking for a new opportunity.

When people started to show interest in a self-made dog collar one of them had made for their dog, they decided that was the way to go. Now, they employ over 60 people making mainly dog/cat collars and harnesses in their own workshop in New Hampshire.

For their full story, we highly recommend this article by Dianna Huff.


  • Exceptional guarantee: if your pet chews through one of the collars they will replace it without question
  • They support various charities through financial support or donation of their products.
  • Small business

Points of Improvement

  • The origin of their products isn't clearly stated on their website.
A big thank you goes out to Dianna Huff for referring this brand to us!
LupinePet company logo.

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