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Linen Handmade Studio was originally started as a side-hustle several years ago. But its founder, Laura Grašytė, a busy mother of two and daughter of a seamstress herself, found that demand for her handmade linen clothing was higher than she alone could possibly manage. Since then it has grown out to a small business, already employing several people in her homeland of Lithuania.

They hand make clothing for women and girls from linen. This is a fabric known to be  durable, yet smooth and that gets even softer over time. It also stands out because of its sustainability: it needs 60 % less water, 18 % less energy and 5 times less fertilizers or pesticides to grow compared to cotton. To top things off Linen Handmade Studio only uses Oeko-Tex certified European linen, renowned for its heritage and high quality. In short, they make garments that are European made from start to finish and better for the environment to boot.


  • Small, family-owned business
  • Oeko-Tex certified linen (no harmful chemicals are used in the production process). This also means its clothing does not cause any allergic reactions.
  • To limit waste and emissions, they make many of their garments to order; promoting conscious consumption.
  • Returns or exchanges are possible
  • Free worldwide shipping


  • Because many of their garments are made to order and their free shipping option can take a little longer to get the product to you, it might take a couple of weeks before you receive your order (although paid express shipping is available).
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Linen Handmade Studios

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