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Imbued Collection Inc. is a small sustainable clothing brand founded in 2019 by Kristin Brown out of a passion for environmental stewardship and a desire to make a positive impact. The brand launched with a collection of Modal robes, but has since added a second collection which consists of shorts, pants and tops, made from artisanally woven cotton.

Imbued’s main focus is sustainability and eco-consciousness. From raw materials to packaging, they try to limit both the use of plastics, as well as any harsh chemicals. For example, most cotton used in their clothing is grown without irrigation or chemical pesticides and the fabrics are dyed with natural ingredients. Aside from that, they also introduced fun initiatives like tags imbued with Chamomile seeds, so when you don’t have to throw them away, but you’ll plant them! Importantly, they also keep production close to home: all clothing is cut and sewn in the USA.


  • Sustainable, artisanal fabrics.
  • Great attention is paid to make even smaller aspects sustainable, such as tags, labels and backpacking.
  • All clothing is cut and sewn in the USA.
  • Very transparent about which suppliers and contractors they use.
  • 5% of proceeds are donated to a chosen non-profit.


  • Mainly because artisanal fabrics are quite expensive, their prices might be a little too high for some.
A big thank you goes out to Hanne for referring this brand to us!

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