Born in Vierkirchen, Germany in 1921, Hanwag has been a European-made footwear brand for a century now. They mainly focus on climb- and hiking boots, but offers a more casual range as well. They are renowned for their supreme quality and craftsmanship. To this day, they still make all their shoes in Europe; mainly Germany, Croatia and Hungary. Not only that, they source almost all of their materials from within Europe as well, ensuring shorter supply chains and higher standards of environmental protection, keeping the CO2 emissions down.

Since its early days, Hanwag boots have been renowned for their quality and that’s something the company has stayed true to till this day; not compromising quality to lower costs. They are designed and built to last a lifetime, with all materials selected carefully with durability and quality in mind. They work closely with a number of professional athletes and hikers, not to promote their products, but to design them. Their shoes aren’t cheap, but we can confidently say that this is one of those instances where you get what you pay for.


  • Free shipping on all footwear
  • Free 60-day returns in USA, 14-day in Europe, on all (unused) footwear
  • The company offers a resoling service so you can keep your trusty boots while ensuring they remain in the best possible condition.

Points of Improvement

  • While you can find quite a bit of information on their website regarding their materials and production, the product pages lack almost all information concerning origin of production and materials, which really is a shame, as it would only speak to the quality of the shoes.
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