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Guy de Jean is a French atelier, originally founded in 1920, which manufactures umbrellas. They are a fairly small business and mainly design and assemble the umbrella’s, rather than manufacture all components. This mainly involves cutting, stitching and attaching the canvas onto the frame, as well as attaching the handle and end of the umbrella.

They differentiate themselves from other brands by offering an enormous amount of creative designs, often providing options in terms of shape and fabrics you won’t easily find anywhere else. You can find both modern, abstract, designs as well more classic designs decorated with lace or frills or even just plain black ones.


  • Huge variety of designs, both when it comes to the shape of the frame as well as the print and accessories on the canvas.
  • You can get a custom umbrella made with you design of choice.

Points of Improvement

  • They also sell a large number of umbrella's presumable not made in France, but it's not always easy to distinguish which is which. Currently you have to rely on the product description to make the distinction.
  • While their website is available in English, most of the product descriptions are still only available in French, making it harder for see which ones are made in France.


  • Overseas shipping can get pretty expensive and they do not ship to all countries.
A big thank you goes out to Bradypus_Rex for referring this brand to us!
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