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Founded in 1948, EMU Australia started as a company that manufactured sheepskin boots for other brands. During the 90s however, when these brands shifted to sourcing their products from countries like China, EMU decided to become a brand on its own and they have been selling directly to consumers ever since. While they too manufacture part of their product range overseas, they still own a factory in Geelong, Australia where their Platinum Collection is hand made to this day.

Apart from their commitment to keep manufacturing in Australia, they also source almost all of their materials from Down Under. Their Platinum Collection is made almost exclusively from high-quality Australian wool and sheepskin. Which also means they use natural, biodegradable materials. This is further reinforced by the fact that their leathers are treated with Ecotan; a tanning process that does not use harmful chemicals and can even give the leather, when disposed of, a second life as fertilizer.


  • They make it easy to see which of their products are made in Australia by the "Made in Australia" icon featured on the relevant products
  • You can buy directly from the manufacturer's website in most European, North-American and some Asian countries
  • They almost exclusively use natural and sustainable materials in most of their products, but especially in their "Made in Australia"-collection
  • Free shipping on all full-priced orders
  • You can return or exchange products, although you might have to pay return shipping.
  • Family-owned business


  • They offer slightly different selections in different regions, so your favorite boot might not ship to your location.
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EMU Australia

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