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Emerson Creek Pottery is a small American company that makes artisanal earthenware pottery in Virginia, USA using materials sourced from the USA and Canada. Practically the entire process happens in their workshop, from the mixing of the clay to painting by hand. The company was founded in 1977 and is still run by one of the initial potters and his children.

They focus on sustainability by reducing  any toxic elements as much as possible, mainly lead, present in their products and by minimizing the impact of shipping through using recycled packaging and opting for UPS carbon neutral shipping.


  • Handcrafted products
  • Dedication to sustainability through avoiding toxic materials, using recycled packaging and carbon neutral shipping
  • Their website features a blog with fun recipes and other tips
  • Small, family-owned business

Points of Improvement

  • They currently only ship to the USA and Canada
Emerson Creek Pottery company logo.

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Emerson Creek Pottery

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