Eizo is a Japanese manufacturer of high quality LCD screen for both industrial and personal uses. Founded in 1968, they started out by manufacturing black and white TV screens. Since then they have evolved significantly with multiple factories and subsidiaries around the world. Their headquarters and main manufacturing  facilities are still located in Japan, making them one, if not the, last company that still manufacture their screens there, with most other brands outsourcing production to China (PRC) or other South-East Asian countries.

They currently also own several other factories outside of Japan. One in China (PRC) that produces medical monitors for the Chinese market and two in Germany that manufacture screens for the aviation, medical, automotive and industrial sectors.


  • One of the few screen manufacturers remaining in the free world.
  • High focus on sustainability by making their product energy efficient and durable, while also trying to use sustainable materials like recycled plastic.
  • Very high quality products.

Points of Improvement

  • They currently don't seem to sell directly to consumers. That means you buy their products through a local distributor, so it might be a little challenging to find them.
  • They're not very transparent. Even though their monitors are made to a large part in Japan, they're not very open about it. This can make it confusing when that's the main reason you want to buy from them.


  • While they are one of the last companies to make monitors in the free world, the LCD panels they use are produced in China (PRC), at least according to our research.
A big thank you goes out to anonlymouse for referring this brand to us!
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