Earthbath is a US-based pet hygiene brand that makes shampoo’s, conditioners and between-bath grooming products.

They believe products that touch your pet’s coat and skin should be as naturally effective, non-toxic, and gentle as possible. That’s why they’re committed to using natural ingredients in their products, making them paraben & sulfate free, phthalate free, phosphate free, dye free, and soap free.

Aside from their commitment to deliver non-toxic petcare products, they donate to shelters, rescues and service animal organizations.


  • Their products are made from non-toxic natural ingredients.
  • Cruelty free
  • Member of Pet Sustainability Coalition with a focus on making their their products as sustainable as possible.
  • Donate to shelters, rescues and service animal organizations as well as other pet-related initiatives.

Points of Improvement

  • While they develop and mix their products in the USA, they give no indication as to where their packaging or ingredients are sourced from.
  • Their products are currently only easily available in the USA.
A big thank you goes out to Dianna Huff for referring this brand to us!
Earthbath company logo.

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