Buru is a small fashion brand founded in 2013 by Morgan Hutchinson, a new mother in search of comfortable yet stylish clothing. Originally the company merely curated clothing from other suppliers, mainly overseas. However, in recent years, they have started designing and producing their own collection in the USA  This Pink Collection is cut and sewn from up-cycled or deadstock fabrics in a micro-factory in the Arts District of Los Angeles.

Currently they still sell a mix of imported and domestically manufactured clothing.


  • Small, family owned company
  • Free returns for domestic orders (conditions apply)

Points of Improvement

  • Except for those products produced in the USA, it doesn't say on their online store where their products are made.


  • Their clothing is on the expensive side. While this is understandable for a relatively small fashion brand, especially for their collection produced in the USA, it will put this brand out of reach if you don't have a very large budget.

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