Authenticity50 was founded by Steph and Jimmy MacDonald, a couple who set out on a quest to produce 100% American made bedding. After getting married in 2011, they were looking to furnish their home with products made in the USA, but quickly found out that American made bedding was nowhere to be found. That’s why, in 2015, they decided to launch a Kickstarter campaign in an attempt to start their own business and bring made in USA bedding to the market. They doubled their set goal and ended up raising some $40 000! Since then they have fulfilled all Kickstarter orders and managed to create a sustainable business, with their bedding now available across the USA.


  • All their products are made practically entirely in the USA, from raw materials to finishing.
  • The complete origin of every product is stated on its product page in a clear and detailed manner.
  • They host an annual "Veterans Day Give Back Campaign" to benefit the EOD Warrior Foundation. They have raised over 10 000 dollars so far!
  • They offer 20% off all purchases to Military, First Responders and Teachers.
  • They offer free shipping and 100 nights return policy.
  • They offset all carbon emissions from their shipping.
  • Their website features a blog with news about the company, as well as fun tips and tricks to improve your sleep and home.
  • Family owned business.

Points of Improvement

  • Due to supply chain issues they tend to have a smaller stock available and their products get sold out fast, so don't wait too long before ordering.


  • They currently only ship the USA and Canada.
A big thank you goes out to Bieke and Dianna for referring this brand to us!
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