Asphalte is a small french brand founded in 2016. Originally the team ran a jumper brand, which they sold through the conventional retail system. After four years, they decided that it didn’t work an Asphalte was born.

The purpose of Asphalte is to sell high quality clothing made in Europe that doesn’t break the bank. To accomplish this, they have implemented several strategies:

  1.  Asking for community feedback. When designing their clothing they regularly poll their customers on design features and colors to determine which ones would be the most popular.
  2. Small collection. They only offer a select range of apparel to limit waste and unnecessary investment.
  3. They offer a high degree of traceability when it comes the origin and environmental impact of their clothing.
  4. Selling clothing through pre-order. This makes sure that there is no over production.


  • Clothing designed with community input.
  • High degree of traceability regarding origin and environmental impact.
  • High quality, European made apparel.
  • Website for men's clothing is available in English, French and German.
  • Small business.

Points of Improvement

  • Currently the website for their women's clothing is only available in French.


  • While pre-ordering does is more sustainable in regards to both business and the environment, it does mean that you might have to wait a while before you receive your order.
A big thank you goes out to Ann for referring this brand to us!
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