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American Giant is an American activewear manufacturer that was founded in 2012 by Bayard Winthrop. He wanted to build a fashion brand that sold apparel that wasn’t only affordable priced and of high quality, but was also American made. Taking advantage of new technologies and the rise of e-commerce, which allowed him to sell directly to customers, he began with the production of a single piece of clothing: a hoodie. It was a big success and earned the nickname as “the greatest hoodie ever made”.

That early success, combined with continuous dedication to quality and American manufacturing, allowed the company to grow. From producing their first hoodie in California, they are currently producing a wide range of activewear and casual clothing all over the USA.


  • All products sold are manufactured in the USA.
  • The state of origin of every product is visible on its product page.
  • Free returns and exchanges inside the USA.

Points of Improvement

  • While it says on every product page where the product is manufactured, they don't tell you the origin of the fabrics or raw materials. This is a pity, especially since, according to our research, they also tend to originate from inside the USA.


  • Shipping can get a little expensive if you live outside of the USA.
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