Aeropress, formerly known as Aerobie, is the company founded by inventor Alan Adler 1984. It changed its name in 2017 after they sold their sports-related division and focused completely on Adler’s breakthrough invention, going by the name of, you guessed it, the Aeropress. Originally designed in 2004, this coffee press became a worldwide hit and its popularity is still growing.

For having such a widely known product, the company actually has just around 10 full-time employees, contracting out their manufacturing, warehouse, shipping and sales. But in contrast to many other companies, they outsource these things to American companies. Although they are not very vocal about it, they manufacture the Aeropress in the USA from American-made materials.


  • Small business
  • You can buy individual parts of the Aeropress from their website, so if you lose or break a part, you don't need to buy an entirely new press.
A big thank you goes out to Michel for referring this brand to us!
Aerobie Aeropress company logo.

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