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Origin: America, USA

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Ever wanted a keyboard customized to your exact specifications? That's what WASD Keyboards offer: choose the color of each of your keys and even opt for a design of your choice printed on top of them. They will then print your key caps to order and attach them to your desired base. The base itself is a mechanical keyboard, meaning it has a nice tactile feel to it and an audible sound when typing. Here too you have customization options available, as you can choose between 8 Cherry key switches, to make sure your keyboard feels and sounds the way you want it to. Last but not least, you also have the option to program macros and keymaps directly on the keyboard in up to 4 layers (only if you want to). While this requires a bit of technical know-how, it provides a great deal of flexibility and ease of use to your board.

They offer their keyboards at various levels of configuration. You can design it from scratch or you can pick one of their templates and tweak it to your liking. Lastly they offer a line of backlit keyboards, with shine through caps. However, these do not offer the same customization, as you can only choose the type of switches you want, but not the color or design of the caps.


The Cherry key-switches are made in Germany.

The base of the board is made in Taiwan, however it's unclear exactly how much of the production happens there or where its components are sourced from.

The origin of the key-caps is currently unknown.

Final assembly and the printing of the of the key caps takes place in California, USA.


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WASD Keyboards

Product Features

  • Almost unlimited design possibilities
  • Various sizes and layouts available
  • High quality mechanical Cherry switches
  • 5 way cable routing (so your cable can exit the keyboard where you want it to)
  • Program macros and keymaps directly on the keyboard.
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