Starr: Wall-mounted bottle openers

$ 15.00
- 20.00
Origin: Europe, Germany

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Starr bottle openers are true classics. Finished and sold in the USA by the Brown Mfg. Company since 1925; they come with a wide range of designs engraved, embossed or printed on them. While they currently cast their openers in either Germany or China (depending on the material), their older openers were often cast in the USA and are still available as collectibles on their website or elsewhere. They even offer personalized designs. Additionally, if you buy multiple openers with the same design, you can get a discount of 33% to 65%.


IMPORTANT: stainless steel openers are cast in China (PRC), others are cast in Germany. Unfortunately it isn't always clear of which material an opener is made or where it is cast. So to be sure, we recommend you look for those where the origin or material (chrome or zinc plated) is clearly mentioned.


  • The bottle openers are cast in Germany (we assume from European steel, but this is unverified)
  • Engraving or printing is done in Georgia, USA
  • Origin of the screws included or the packaging is unknown


IMPORTANT: the stainless steel openers are cast in China (PRC), others are cast in Germany.


Free shipping within the USA

They do not ship products abroad, but they might be available through other sites like Amazon.

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Brown Mfg. Company

Product Features

  • Wide variety of designs and finishes
  • Mounting screws included
  • You get a discount of 33% to 65% if you order more than one opener of the same design.
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