Ritterwerk: Stilo handheld blenders

$ 300.00
Origin: Europe, Germany

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These high quality handheld blenders are made from aluminum, with a plastic handle for comfortable ergonomics. It's main feature is it's battery operation, allowing full freedom in the kitchen. If you fear for the longevity of the battery, they have got you covered.

The lithium-ion battery can slowly charged and the charging process ends automatically as soon as the battery is loaded. This charging technology ensures a longer battery lifespan. And, even if it breaks down, new or replacement batteries can be ordered from Ritterwerk and can be changed in just a few easy steps.

The blenders also have a two-finger switch-on safety system to prevent them from switching on accidentally. It spins at a maximum speed of 12.000 rpm, but two lower speeds are also available.

Lastly, with four different attachments the blenders mixer can chop, puree, whip and mix a whole range of foods.


Available colors: white, black, red, gold, light-gold, silver, brown-gold.


The origin of any raw materials is currently unknown.

According to Ritterwerk, they produce most components themselves or purchase them from suppliers in their region [1]. However, they don't give any more specifics.

The blenders are assembled and, to a large extent, made in Germany.



Delivery through DHL: $4.00 - 6.00 (depending on package size).



Ritterwerk currently doesn't ship internationally. However you can pick up your order yourself or arrange for a pick-up through a delivery service.

Alternatively you can look for a local distributor.

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Product Features

  • Battery-operated
  • LED battery level indicator
  • Standard attachment to blend most foods
  • Three speed settings: ca. 12.000 rpm; ca. 9.000 rpm; ca. 6.000 rpm
  • Aluminum housing, ergonomic plastic handle
  • Two-finger switch-on safety system
  • Automatic safety shut-off in case of overloading or overheating
  • High degree of durability and repairability
  • 2-year warranty
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