Rada: cook’s spoon with holes

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Origin: America, USA

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The cook's spoon by Rada is made from quality 300 series high-nickel stainless steel and features an extra long handle that allows you to easily reach the bottom of deeper pans or dishes. It has a thumb recess for comfort and holes in the bowl of the spoon to drain liquids. It's an ideal serving spoon for fruits and cooked vegetables, as well as the perfect utensil for cooking pasta.


According to their website, Rada products are 100% made in the USA, from raw materials through construction. Since steel can easily be manufactured completely inside the USA and the product doesn't contain other components, this is certainly plausible.



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Product Features

  • Dimensions: bowl dimensions: 2½ x 3 x ½" (6,3 x 7,6 x 1,3 cm), handle length: 9" (23 cm), total length: 11½" (29,2 cm)
  • Lifetime Guarantee
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