Masa Organic: silk bralettes

$ 75.00
- 185.00
Origin: Europe, Latvia

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These luxurious bralettes are made from organic peace silk, which differentiates itself from other silks in the that it’s harvested without killing the silkworms, allowing millions of butterflies to live. The silk fabric is dyed without harmful chemicals to limit any negative impact on the environment.

The bralettes themselves are carefully handmade in a Latvian atelier, with silk lining the light padding on both the in- and outside of the cup to ensure a luxurious look, but also a soft comfortable feel for the wearer. The straps, made from organic elastic, can be worn either over the shoulders or across the back for even more comfort and support. The metal hardware on the bralettes consists of 24K gold, which, because of its resistance to tarnishing, ensures it keeps looking shiny as new for a long time to come.


Available colors: white, black
Available sizes: small, medium, large (size guide available)


The silk is harvested and made into fabric in India.

The padding, closures and other hardware are made in France (origin of their raw materials is unknown).

Recycled PET-yarn and organic elastic are made in Germany (origin of their raw materials is unknown).

Organic pima cotton fabric is made in Switzerland (origin of the cotton is unknown).

The bralettes are handmade in Latvia.




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EU countries:

On orders under $185.00: $12.00
On orders over $185.00: Free shipping

Rest of Europe: $12.00

International: $22,00


All orders ship from the Netherlands


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Product Features

  • Organic peace silk
  • Double sided cups
  • Lightly padded
  • Convertible straps
  • 24K gold hardware
  • Recycled and scented packaging
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