Imbued: artisanally woven wrap shorts

$ 130.00
- 150.00
Origin: America, USA

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Perfect for a warm summer day or just to wear comfortably around the house, these cute wrap shorts are made from organic cotton that has been sustainably grown, without the need for any toxic chemicals or irrigation near the coast of Oaxaca, Mexico by a small collection of farming communities which uses more traditional practices such as intercropping and integrated pest management to increase long term crop yield. This also includes the use of native species such as light-brown coyuchi cotton.

The cotton is then transported into the mountains where it's dyed, spun and handwoven into by a collection of artisans. The dyes are sourced from natural ingredients, eliminating the use of harsh chemicals and reducing water usage. All processes takes place in very close proximity to each other, stimulating the local economy and reducing emissions. Even the spinning wheels are made by local carpenters.

The fabric is then imported to the USA, where the shorts are made to order by a small boutique in Austin, Texas. They feature two front pockets and are tied from behind using strings to keep them nicely in place.


Available sizes: S-M, L-XL (size guide available)
Available colors: dark-blue, coyuchi (light-brown), cream, grey


Note: the fabric for the cream colored shorts is handwoven elsewhere in Mexico.


The organic cotton is grown, spun, dyed and woven into fabric in Oaxaca, Mexico by Khada Oaxaca, a non-profit collective. Except for the cream colored fabric, which is handwoven elsewhere in Mexico (cotton origin unknown).

The dyes are derived from natural ingredients sourced from within Mexico.

The shorts are sewn in the USA, more specifically in Austin, Texas by Savilino.

Packaging is made in the USA, by EcoEnclose.


Currently under research

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Imbued Collection

Product Features

  • Organic cotton
  • Spun, dyed and woven by artisans who receive fair compensation
  • Natural and locally sourced dyes
  • Eco-friendly packaging
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