Hanwag: women’s travel shoes

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Origin: Croatia, Europe, Germany, Hungary

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The travel shoes from Hanwag are lightweight footwear for versatile travel and everyday use. These are the lightest range offered by Hanwag and are designed for a more casual use. They are just perfect going for long walks, touring a city or just wear around the house. While they will certainly suffice for the occasional hike, we recommend going for a more sturdy model if that's a frequent activity. Made in Europe with European materials by experienced craftsmen and women, Hanwag boots and shoes are renowned for their quality and durability. You will be hard pressed to find more trusted companions to accompany you on your adventures.

Note: Available models may vary depending on your location and some models might not be shown here.


According to the Hanwag website, they source virtually all raw their raw materials from within Europe. The shoes themselves are manufactured in Europe as well; mainly in Croatia, Hungary and Germany (with some partnerships in Serbia, Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina).

Unfortunately they don't state clearly on every product page where the shoe is made, so if you want one from a particular country, you might have to find a store that sells them (for which you can use the store locator on their website) and check the label.

Exception: while all their other leathers are produced entirely within Europe, their yak-leather is sourced from Tibet, which is currently under control of the People's Republic of China. So you might want to avoid boots made with that type of leather.



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Product Features

  • Very high quality
  • Available in several colour combinations
  • Hanwag offers a resoling service so you can keep your trusty boots while ensuring they remain in the best possible condition.
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